I am 45 ,I have two children, one of them with hyperactivity disorder. I am always looking for get a good job that i never have managed. i have been divorced for years ago…. I do not remember how many, and about love stories i have had several failed attempts.

Since I came back to do the way of Santiagos, about three years ago, Silvano, an Italian who made me fly,he left our relationship although not our friendship.
At this moment I began to be sad, very sad, i didn’t find the meaning of my tedious and boring life with people around me who dont have the same interests than me. i think this was when the destructive depression put his first grains or maybe before this moment.

I’m going to tell tell part of my life since i bj6uy^egan to get worse and besides this serves me to unleash my emotionsy fear and much pain, but I will try to express my sorrow in poetry (if you can call it poetry), or images.

I apologize in advance for my texts in English (my English) is a way to my mind works and practice something, because depression also made me leave of my english school.

Here I start to give narrative form to the story of my recent years that have led me to where I am now.

Written by Espe P.


7 thoughts on “Prologue

  1. I have also been feeling more depressed and anxious the last few years. I am in my early 40s and I think my mood swings come with age. I have felt like crying for no apparent reason , perhaps a combination of being worried about my fathers and my wife’s health. I am also more irritable than before. But I have been trying to relax more and live one moment at a time. Practicing mindfulness the best way I can. Anyways thanks for sharing. Mucha suerte en tu caminar…


  2. Ola, thank you for visiting and following my blog, please come again.
    Good for you writing everything down, i believe that really can help in understanding who we are and why.

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