I am in the bus. It’s not quite as old as I expected. Little things do that your journey could fit well in the bus.
The site next to me is empty, so I feel far more comfortable and in front of me, there is a little scream where I can watch films, listen to music and besides I can charge either my mobile and my tablet. Only for this last reason I am not quite as sad as I thought.
Despite the fact that it’s cloudy, I find this moment as a romantic time, listening to jazz music, travelling in order both to escape of myself and find myself.
I’m going to stay to a hostels where travellers go to rest. the philosophy of this place is that people could have a place to sleep but also they can meet each other, knowing new people from different cultures. The downside it’s that I have to share my room, and certainly my timetable will be no the same as the rest of matters. And I thought that I was to share with women, but yesterday I realized that my room is for both, men and women. Oh!
I always wanted to stay in a similar place, but this time I didn’t choose this hostels for this reason. I ask for a cheaper place, where I couldn’t be alone so that I must go out of the room and not spend the most time sleeping. It’s a challenge to me in the condition that I am now.
I’m just looking for my peace, I want, I need to go out without feel fear and anxiety, and observe how live other people, so that I aware of my problems are not as important.
So, let’s go.
The bus has stopped so the passenger could have a breakfast, I had a coffee and some cookies that I brought in my bag.
Now again in the bus, my thoughts again come back. The first thing I did when I got on the bus this morning, was to do my exercises to calm down. Last Saturday my psychology taught me some of them. And I felt well when I did, but now the nerves are getting back.
Anyway, trying to change my thoughts, behind me there are two nice Italians. If I had money enough, I’d go to Italy so I dream with have a romantic and passionate history of love there.
The time is going by and I’d like me to had done some things and sometime I believe that’s too late. for some of them.
I’m a little dizzy, later I go on.

It’s at night. The hostels is really comfortable and I feel on well with my two roommates. But it has rained the whole day, so I couldn’t wonder around the city as I wanted.


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