I liked this hotels despite its haven’t had any relationship with nobody so far, but I am surrounding of English people and I enjoy trying to understand them. On the other and I can sit with my tablets in any sofa in the library or any other place and I feel well. Choosing this hostels was a success.
Today I did a route with a guide among the city centre and after this, all together had a lunch in a ordinary bar and not nearly as cheap as others nearby. . Then I decided to go on alone so I wanted to see a theatre that evening. It’s strange stay here, everybody is very kind, and now in my room there is a new girl from Canada, she don’t speak anything of Spanish as I try to speak in English with her but she is a bit shy or simply don’t feel like speaking so much. The Mexican guy went this morning. Here you see a lot of people who travels around different country from many different reason, and some of them travel alone. This fact makes me to feel not quite as different as the rest.

I don’t have too much nerves, only when I remember that I have anxiety and I start to observe me. It’s better don’t think, just doing the things. Here I go at my own pace as I don’t have any rush for anything.

Now I am waiting for enter to the theatre, the name of de tale is toc-toc, like when you touch in a door with your hand, but actually TOC is the name of a mental disorder, who suffer from it does things continuously and with an obsession. The plot is about people who suffer from this disorder and go to the best doctor, but he doesn’t arrive , so they start give some pieces of advice each other . it’s a comedy and when I read about it , I feel the need to go, and here is am, having a beer while I wait for it.
The time doesn’t allow me to enjoy this journey. In this moment I have my jeans socket and I am cold.
My son calls some times a day, he told me that he has bought food, he send me photos with his dishes. And he ask me if I have taken my pills. He is getting more and more responsible.
How strange is life, I’ve had to go far to find the calm. And even tough I travel alone and I’m a bit sad, I am not bad. Now I don’t feel that I am Espe , I am only a woman who prefer to read rather than going out with friends to drink or dance.


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