I dreamed that I painted and i dreamed that painted was me,
I painted  a picture full of colors, and in black and white I was portrayed.
My drawings loaded with crossed, senseless arrows and with contradiction,
They were  looking for passions, loves and beauty and tragedies suffering and pain.
I dreamed that I was painting, in a picture without color,
I was meeting alone in the distance,
with cold and looking for protection.
I dreamed that this was dreaming it,
until the noise woke me up,
And saw my hung portrait,
and my work was destroyed by the rain and the wind.
I dreamed that a picture of colors was doing,
but in the palette only there was a color,
the one that I paints my portrait,
in black on the white cardboard.


“Soñé que yo pintaba y soñé que pintada era yo,
yo pintaba un cuadro lleno de colores, y en blanco y negro retratada era yo.
Mis dibujos cargados de flechas cruzadas, sin sentido y con contradicción,
Buscaban pasiones, amores y belleza y tragedias, sufrimiento y dolor.
Yo soñé que me pintaban, en un cuadro sin color, me veía sola a lo lejos, con frío buscando protección.
Yo soñé que ésto lo soñaba, hasta que el ruido me despertó,
Y vi mi retrato colgado que la lluvia y el viento la destrozó.
Yo soñé que un cuadro de colores pintaba, pero en la paleta solo había un color,
aquel con el que pinté mi retrato, en negro sobre el blanco cartón.

Written by Espe P.



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