Claudia Hernandez

Drowning in my own sheets while my breath is fastened by my late night thoughts, its how insomnia lets me know that she’s arrived.

The infinite headache that begs to sleep is being punched by a strong and persistent anxiety. She never stops screaming every bad decision I made in my life.

Eyes closed. Trying to hide from the sight of darkness but being forced to open by the constant fighting pressure on each side of my head.

Numb body but hyperactive nerves. An endless battle between my fatigue and my anxiety. Unfortunately, there’s no winner. Both of them lose as they collide together – making an alliance to have even greater power gaining superiority over my body.

Aggressively moving from one side to the other. Not even an acceptable position is found. The perfect way of sleeping is a vanished dream -because I don’t sleep at all.


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