I feel fear of my doubts,
more that you doubt, is fear,
Fear of an uncertain future,
Where the hopelessness hugs me,
Through the fault of the loneliness.

Fear of wanting and not being able,
Fear of even nor wanting,
Fear of not wishing
Or of wishing and that i can’t.

Because of it, now I walk alone,
Or better, I remain alone stop,
not to re-live,
The fears of the loneliness.

The disappointment won
to my freedom of deciding,
if I love, live, try or fight,
Now, only there are “fears“.

image by Bandi Bocri

Siento miedo de mis dudas,
Más que dudas, es miedo,
Miedo de un futuro incierto,
Donde la desesperanza me abraza
Por culpa de la soledad.

Miedo de querer y no poder,
Miedo de ni siquiera querer,
Miedo de no desear
O de desear y no poder

Por eso ahora camino sola,
O mejor, me quedo parada sola,
Para no revivir,
Los miedos de la soledad.

La desilusión  ganó,
a mi libertad de  decidir,
si amo, vivo, intento o lucho,
Ahora, sólo quedan ” miedos”.

Written by Dreams’Espe 





2 thoughts on “Diary: Fear (Miedos)

  1. Depression produces such strange environments of the soul for us to inhabit– lunar mares of barren stone in which the beauty of who we are cannot find the soil in which to grow. Robbed of meaning, we wander. You write about this with lovely presence, and I hope you find peace. I can see a little flower now, pushing through the dust. How could this be? And yet it is…


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