Evey time I am getting more and more lost.
I try researching all the possibility to go out of this depression, such as  traveling abroad, joining  in a new activity far from here where I could meet new people, and so on.
But I have just strength to let time goes by, while I wait for death, without taking part of life.

This morning I’ve gone out and  Sun was brighter than ever, it seems as it now were summer, my favourite  period of year,  but whereas I was walking, my sadness was increasing, so the summer is to enjoy, to go to the beach, to go on holiday, and in my life this planes don’t exist, ever I don’t feel like to do it.

Only I wait for the days go by as quickly as possible.


21/05/2016 Written by Espe P.

This day have  been simply insoportable



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