Yesterday, I didn’t write in my diary, because I didn’t feel like doing it. My soul was extremely sad, and an enormous anger goes up inside my.
Yesterday was Sunday, I have bought a ticket to watch the show of Mama Mia for months, and it was specially expensive. It was in the city, as much other thing that I used to do. But , this time I didn’t have any enthusiastic for going, so, I stared at home, like the 6 last months.

My sensation is that I am not better, only for a few days and then,  I arrive to be  as bad as always.

The night, …..the night I don’t have enough strength to tell that it happened.  Maybe later I will finish telling about what happened with my children and my awful reaction. I injuried myself…shut depression!.

At night I only going to say that I took too much pills, like I did It first.  Fortunately, today I am better.

My son is just in the home school, in the afternoon he had an hour to go out, so my daughter and me have been waiting for him, but he was angry with us, and didn’t tell us any world.

Life sometimes is hard for everything.

After the visit, I have told with the director to ask for him, and she affirms that he is well there, although he shows his ager with us.

At home we feel peace without having such a his noice, and his continually speechs, but at the same time we miss him a lot, every moment we are thinking about him.

My son has a great heart, only he needs to control his manner and insults.  For this reason he is here. We can’t change his bad habits.

Yesterday night, I wanted to die, now , I want him to be as well as possible.

Here put the link to the poetry for my son. A child who yells

Written by Espe P.  







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