Life sometimes is unfair to some people, considering that we choose our destination, but we do not start from the same circumstances, and moreover, webdo not have the same fate performing the same acts.

Luck doesn’t excessive accompanied me and my decisions either.

I had a lot of value in what I thought it was worth, and maybe not, and I miss it in other important decisions.

To not hurt my relatives, I did not take my own way when I was young, because I thought that there would be time, but both time passes and the opportunities too.

And all together, it makes my life is not the appropriate me, which I was looking for, which suits me, however, someone hardly try to convince me that is not so bad.
It’s not so bad, nor good, nor do I like , nor makes me happy.
And I average lived with many disappointments about love, jobs, solitude in a place that does not adapt me.
Now it is so extremely difficult to change my life now that I suffer a several depression.

I fought a lot, until I burn out, now I just let me win.

My forces are exhausted.

Make it whatever … but I no longer wear resistance, it’s stretched as too much use.

La vida a veces es injusta para algunos, teniendo en cuenta que nosotros escogemos nuestro destino, pero no partimos de las mismas circunstancias,  y es más, no tenemos la misma suerte realizando los mismos actos.

A mí, ni me acompañó en exceso la suerte, ni mis decisiones.

Tuve mucho valor en aquello que pensé que merecía la pena, y quizás no, y me falto en otras decisiones importantes. 

El por no hacer daño, no tomé mi propio camino en mi juventud, pensando que ya habría tiempo, y el tiempo pasa y las oportunidades también.

Y todo unido, hace que mi vida no sea la que me corresponda, la que yo buscaba, la que encaja conmigo, por más que traten de convencerme de que no es tan mala.
No es tan mala, ni es buena, ni me gusta, ni me hace feliz. Y eso con muchas decepciones de trabajo, amores, soledad en un lugar al que no me adapto y la dificultad para cambiar mi vida ahora, me llevo a la depresión.

He luchado mucho, hasta agotarme, ahora me dejo vencer.

Mis fuerzas están agotadas. 

Que sea lo que sea… pero yo ya no pongo resistencia, se estiró  demasiado de tanto usarla.

25/05 /2016.      By Espe P.</strong>


3 thoughts on “Diary : I fought a lot, until I burn out, now I just let me win. (He luchado mucho, hasta agotarme, ahora me dejo vencer)

  1. I just wanted to say that I admire your courage to pour your heart out for us to know that there are so many others who are suffering. I’m currently going through a very dark period in my life. After reading some of your posts, I’m encouraged to tell a little of my story. I hope you have a good day. 🙂

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