Today, my niece who is a psychologist has made a phone therapy with me , my  other niece has also been for a while WhatsApp , encouraging me .  His auntie too.
It seems they had read a post of mine and they were frightened .

I explained them that I feel the need to die every day and sometimes more than once , and as I should not, then  I die on the blog and a some of that need out of me , staying here. written .

Unknown author

Hoy me ha llamado mi sobrina que es psicóloga  y ha realizado una terapia por teléfono conmigo,  mi otra también ha estado un rato por WhatsApp,  animándome. Y su tita.
Habían leído un post mío  y  estaban muy asustadas .

Les he explicado que yo siento la necesidad de morirme cada día y algunas veces más de una vez, y como no debo, pues me muero en el blog  y así un poco de esa necesidad sale de mí,  quedándose aquí escrita.

Written by Espe P.


2 thoughts on “Frightened by my posts.~ Asustados por mis posts.

  1. When depression continues for long periods of time, therapy (and medication, if necessary) is a good idea. It can be very difficult to manage alone. I have struggled with depression and anxiety on and off for many years, both with and without therapy/medication. At present, although I am not in therapy, I do take medication to control my anxiety—it has now been two years since I last had a major panic attack, and I rarely have to worry about anxiety interfering with my daily life.

    And I encourage you to keep writing. Even if you don’t show it to anybody, writing can be very therapeutic. I started writing poetry again three-and-a-half years ago, when my marriage broke up. Although I kept a journal, I soon found that things would come out in my poems that did not come out in my regular journal entries. As a result, I began to write more and more poetry over time; my journals now consist almost entirely of poetry (the rest is either sketches or notes), and, despite continuing difficulty (mostly lack of income), my writing has given me a new purpose.

    For inspiration, I recommend reading Ksenia Anske’s blog ( This is what her “unofficial bio” ( says:

    “Writing pulled me back from the dead. I wanted to kill myself, one foot in the grave, gazing in, longingly, but my therapist said, ‘No. Don’t do it. Write.’ So I did, and that unlocked something, something that soon became a torrent. My native Russian ceded to English and I felt like I’ve found my language, like it was safe to tell my stories in it. In 1998 I fled Moscow, Russia, fled the past and the pain and the filth. Therapy is what writing is to me. Dark beginnings to happiness. Can you call it a career? I don’t know. I call it life.”

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    1. Thank you very much Kevin for sharing with me your experience and for your advice. Now I spend all time writing or looking for images that show my emotions. Thank you again. Anyway, I am in therapy and with medication, and the doctors have told me that i must keep on writing because helps me not to think in my pain, although I write about it, but my mind need to work to find the words, and translate, and so on. I’d like to go on in contact to you. The best.

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