Again in the hall of the hospital waiting for my appointment with the new psychiatry. Lately I spend the days, sleeping, lying on my bed or sofa.
In spite of feeling better by talking with the psychiatry, I feel worse, he asked me questions in a way that have made me feel blame of my thoughts.
At the same time, he has managed that I wander me about my behaviour , what was his intention, but his manner has been a bit impolite and it did seem to me that he was arguing with me all time , rather than encouraging me to enhance. My sensation was that he was holding me in contempt.

Anyway he has prescribed more medicación than before. Now I have two kind of antidepressants and two kind of ansiolíticos.  10 pills in total.
Now I am a lost, I don’t know what think, I need already to put my mind to rest, whenever I arrive home I’ll take my pills and I will try to rest until tomorrow.

By the way, I am again in the bus station waiting for my bus. I have lost my bus and now I have to wait until 5.00pm, when It will take me to Venta Nueva, a little town located at 2 km over from my house.
I need to scape far away this weekend, I feel so.

I am upset over this damn depression, from now on I am going to change myself.


  1. To take care of me ( mental and physical )
  2. To take care of my children with sympathise, and trying to create a relaxing atmosphere.
  3. J.L. is off of my life.
  4. In September I want to take my English exams.

Now I am going to take my mind off, but I know clearly a thing. I want to travelling.

  • by Dreams’Espe

One thought on “Diary 24/06/2016

  1. I encourage you to request a new psychiatrist if he continues to act that way. There are times when the “tough love” approach is needed, but you’re not going there to have him make you feel worse.

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