When someone is ignorant about something, it has no idea how many people are facing with this problem or had faced before in their life.
Before I started suffering this depression and anxiety I didn’t have any idea how much a person could suffer and how difficult is keeping your life.
I could not understand why people weren’t able to enjoy and they spent days at home, crying.

I remember my aunt, a woman who struggled in her live a lot, once she had a depression. When my family and me went to see her, I remember she crying and saying, quote’ I can’t, I can’t ” and I though: Why she can’t if she always has been a strong woman and nowadays she doesn’t have any specific problem?

How ignorant I were!

And about people who thinks in commit a suicide, I now feel a sincerely respect for all of them, ( for all of us)
I know most people can’t understand us, but it is normal because a healthy mind would never think in kill itself or spend months in your own jail, striving just to keep it alive.

In other post, when I will be a bit better, I will write all my suffers, all that depression has changed in me and how has made me pretty unable.

– by Dreams’Espe


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