Assuming I am struggling with a several depression, but my only desire when I am a bit better is travelling, and knowing  that I would travel alone, what kind of travel could be better for me?

I’d like to travel abroad to know different cultures and practice  my English, but my psychologist has advised me against this idea by my medication, and by my state. If I did travel in my country and I felt worst I’d would return whenever I want by bus, but abroad I would have to wait for the  scheduled of my plane. Another disengages is if I needed to go to urgency or a doctor, the medical systems are different from this, in Spain is a public system and I don’t have to pay, but abroad it would be more complicated, and according with my daters it’s better to stay in Spain.

Well, what I want  is wandering  around a citie,  walking,  visiting some museums, and I’d enjoy sitting in a garden just observing the landscape and writing in my diary about what I would be living in the trip.  I don’t want to pubbing or something similar. My goal is  to find myself, calm me down and feel the peace  that I need, without spending to much money. My travel would be on the cheap.

I have some options 

  1. A trip by interrail. This trip would consist in buying a ticket that allow me taking the tren during a months along Spain, with the possibility to stop wherever and whenever i want. This option alow me quite freedom to movement
  2. A guided trip: I’d  never liked this kind of trip,  but it is a way to go through different cities, without  any worry, and if I didn’t feel like, I wouldn’t  have to speak with the rest of the group. Other advantage of this option is that I will have a controlled budget.  It could be to the north of my country,  a place that is unknown for me.
  3. A trip by bus: is similar to the first,  but by bus. I would buy the tickets along the way.

Which option would you advise me in case I did travel?

– by Dreams’Espe

Source: My trip until I return,




8 thoughts on “Which option would be better for me?

  1. I think 1. You will be close to hospitals and such. If you suffer from depression and think you might get ill, I also wouldn’t want to go too far away on your first time.

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  2. All other things being equal, I would choose #1. If you have any worries about safety (by this I mean experiencing anxiety or a more severe depressive episode, not danger from others), I would suggest #2, so that help would be available more quickly if you needed it.

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