​Yesterday I felt fortunate, because even though i don’t  have lots of friends, what I have are showing me every day what important I am for them.

As lately, Tere and Gustavo have picked me up to go to a nearby swimming pool with my children as well as with theirs. And happened some positive actions that cheered  my day up, such as my daughter wanted to come with me and was so friendly, my sister in law typed me some encouraged messages, my another friend Tere, who is doing the Santiago’s way at the moment, typed me too in order to know how I was, as well as Loly, the sister of my sister in law.

I could check that I have some people worried about me and are trying that I will recover from my depression as soon as possible.

There is a person forr whom  i am not important, but I already don’t mind it, I am overcoming this stage of my life.

By the way, I am on a diet from now on, I hope I will lose all the weight I have gained during my depression.

  • by Dreams’Espe

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