Since yesterday, my mood is getting worse and worse.
This morning I already got up anxious and annoyed, who with? I’m not sure but I think with myself and with world.
I’ve gained 15 kg since I started being depressed, but so far, I haven’t realice how much fat I am.
So, last week I started walking for a long time every day, but today I don’t feel like it, and whenever I see myself on the mirror, I feel so bad. Then, yesterday I also become with a diet but in the evening I ate more than I must, as anxiety makes me ate, and now I’m used to eating more than I need, so it’s difficult to cut off  because I am always hungry.
What else? My thoughts, damn thoughts, again are thinking about how alone I am, how difficult is to change my life in all aspects and the few straight that I have now.
Maybe simply I am down again, perhaps it’s just that depression consists in ups and downs until my body manages to be in balance.

  • by Dreams’Espe

4 thoughts on “Diary 05/17/2016

  1. Some anti-depressants do cause weight gain, then there’s the uncertain metabolic effects of depression, the loss of judgement when it comes to eating…there are any number of things that can go awry. I hope you feel a little better (a lot better, if that happens of course). Small miracles are what we can look for. I wish you peace.

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  2. It’s probably the medication. My doctor told me that weight gain is common with antidepressants. Not what I wanted to hear (especially since he’s always after me to lose weight), but I think I’d rather be fat and less depressed/anxious than to be skinny and miserable. It is indeed a balance…

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