I agree with it and it’s said in a marvellous way. It’s worth reading it.

Healing Your Broken Soul


Forget who you are,
I wanna take you somewhere far .
Step our of your shoes for a moment,
Please listen and be quiet.

I wanna take you in my head,
I’ll be you and you be me instead.
Here there’s no light.
It’s always dark, I can’t make it bright.

Here there’s no guide,
and there’s monsters from whom you’ll have to hide.
Can you feel the way I have to play the game of survival?
I play it every day; it’s horrible.

I know surviving is no way of living,
I wanna die, but they say I ain’t dying.
Time is agonizingly long here in my head.
Can you now see why I’d rather be dead?

In my head you’d have to be,
For you to be really able to see.
But until you feel like me,
Please don’t judge or call me crazy…

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