​It’s Saturday,  a sunny Saturday  in summer. My dog is laying  on the floor complaining. It could be because this morning I took her for a walk when it was so much hot outside, as much as I felt dizzy too, or maybe  just she’s ill.  The veterinarian said that we didn’t have to take the dog out until she  would have all its vaccines , but I felt sorry for her, as she is very active, and I have been  taking her out  whenever I go out. If so, it’s my blame. 

In this days Kira is my loyal companion. Since kira arrived home over a month ago, I feel considerably less alone. She is always next to me showing me gladness for every thing that I do with her, such us, pats, going out. She stands up with two limbs onto her two feet and the others in me. Its her manner to thank.

Depression is such a hard track, kira also had depression because she was a battered dog. Maybe it is the reason because she is so much affectionate and she has done that I both get care back to her and and  have to wake up earlier in the morning,  even she has managed that I  go out more often,  as I feel more confident when I am outside with her,  mind is a mystery. Kira arrived all of a sudden and it is  undoubtedly  helping me to enhance.

Now, that I am thinking about moving on to Granada, I can’t imagine my life there without her. I have to find an apartment where the owner allows pets.

Two months ago, I wouldn’t had thought that I was going to have a pet. It was far-fetched, and now she has captivated me. 

  • by Dreams’Espe 09/07/2016 

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