I am sourpuss, grumpy, what else? Nugging , does nugging exist?. Let me see in my translator.’ Nagging’, yes nagging. Or… I forgot the word ‘bitter’, yes bitter like the famous drink, which I suppose has taken his name because of its bitter taste.

Well, I have to admit that I am bitter. My son is right, because he repeats this phrase an uncountable  number of times a day.

It’s Sunday, the perfect day to be on the beach, sunbathing, or in any other place different from a sizzling house. I only spend time at home. I have  almost lost the most of my friends. I must say that actually I have found my true friends. But the number of friends can be counted with the fingers of hand . And why? Because I’m happy , so clearly, so I was going to move away from them, from anything that had surrounded me. I am in the middle of my life (I expect it) with a several, hard, and dangerous depression.

So, If I have arrived to be as much mentally ill, it’s for some reason. Even tough  I am already  looking for my way,  it is not  undoubtedly  the path that I have followed so far.

My fate must be in another place and with other actions, maybe in Granada or maybe not , Granada it is simply the nearest to start trying. Perhaps! .

  • by Dreams’Espe 10/07/2016

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