This morning, my mood  has fallen intensely,  nearly to the bottom. I am annoyed,  irascible, with bad humour,  sad, very sad, anxious and any another adjective similar, I am so.

The reason is the gathering of yesterday with Nieves. I  made a mistake, thinking that I was better, and indeed I am, but not enough. Nieves was tense like all of us, and she spent most of the time complaining about her illness. Honestly, I can understand that she needed to get her sorrow off her chest, but unfortunately I am not ready to this kind of situation, and besides when she was not able to understand how I am, although she said to us that she was, but her behaviour showed clearly that she didn’t  even imagine how depression has affected  to my mind. I believe she didn’t feel well, and neither did I.

I am no ready to an unconditional number of situation.
I need more time, so much more time.

– by Dreams’Espe 12/07/2016

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