Fear, curiosity, uncertainty,
What would be on the other side?
Darkness, the eternal night, anxious noise?
attraction to the unknown,
succumbing to sin, or maybe…
after the intense fog there is a light
that only could be seen by brave people.
Would you dare to cross the bridge with me?


Would you were there, would you cross it? What would you like to find behind it?

– by Dreams’Espe 11/07/2016

Miedo, curiosidad, incertidumbre,
¿Que habrá al otro lado?
¿oscuridad, la noche eterna, angustiosos ruidos?
atracción hacia lo desconocido,
sucumbir ante el pecado, o tal vez..
Después de la intensa niebla hay luz,
Sólo se deja ser vista por los valientes,
¿te atreves a cruzar el puente conmigo?

via The Crossing — Art in the world


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