Depression is so hard, so much that plays with me like it wants.
Yesterday I could see a half-open door bound to freedom, freedom of myself, of my mental illness.
Today I am just able to see such a dark, sinister, narrow, gloomy and scary tunnel without back way that my body reacts to such threatened views, my stomach has compulsive movements, my lugs aren’t able to keep up a stable breath, my vocal cords emit a faltering sound, some times excessively high and others so low that it’s only a try to make noise without success, my hands try to hold things, but theses fall down over and over like if they were coated with a slippery surface.
And my mind, my mind doesn’t send properly orders to my nerves to control my body and how I react to any situation.

Depression has made me a great mess, unable to do anything.
I am today shivering meanwhile outside the temperature is about 40°, and people walk enjoying the sunset.

Depression, what is depression?, It’s such an evil and selfish friend that is continuously trying to captive you to enjoy watching how you suffer from his mischief.
How will depression laugh at me tomorrow?

– by Dreams’Espe 12/07/2016

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