I have the sensation that I am losing the battle.I mean, when it seems that I am doing a little step, after this, I feel again that this doesn’t make sense, because I can see my future dark, as dark and crippling as hell.
On the other hand, when I try to choose a different path, appear lots of impediments that not allow me to walk.
I am not sure if my life is not easy to change, or it is my mind that is not able to sort anything out. But I know that I couldn’t withstand life as before, so I would have a new depression and I do not feel up to struggle with another one, in case I won this.
After seven-ish months I am still utterly lost, strengthless and with a giant lack of enthusiasm while summer is going past by and my life is still stopped at home.

– by Dreams’Espe 14/07/2016

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