Death travels with me.
Way to the beach with background of Pablo Albaran’s music, I mean, romantic music, the shiny sun is coming in through the window, ahead are sitter Tere and Gustavo and b next to me are my son and Tania.
Inside me travels anxiety that is resisting to go out from me, even though the relaxed exercises that I am doing along the journey.
In my head, and idea which is reformed when the loved music is surrounded me.
“Death” lived in me and the way to takes it over is taking shape in my mind doesn’t.
It’s a deep necessity that I will end up fulfilling.
I have a complicated controversial in my mind, so sometimes I want to be free to travel round the world and in other moments I just wish I died right now.
Saturday evening.
I am waiting for Tere and Gustavo to go to Málaga to spend time there untill tomorrow night.
This night well stay in a hostel that Tere has booked, because the owner is a relative of her. My son is coming with us as well as my anxiety which right now in a a high level
My son makes me mad, when he is quiet I am better, but when he begins talking nonstop I can’t bear with him, and instead of being calmer to compensate his nerves, I lost my mood too, thus the atmosphere got more complicated. I need to learn how to behave with my son and in general.
Apart from this, this evening has been wonderful, we have spent a great time walking at the port of Malaga, having dinner in a cute pizzeria after we went on a touristic boat to see the sunset from the see, and last, we have wandered around the city centre to see the amphitheatre, the famous Pilpil bar up for finishing steeping in the Larios street . At the end of the journey all of us were absolutely exhausted. Now I am in bed, I can see the moon since the bed of my humble room. The sky, starts, the see and the Moon help me dream in a worthy world.
Angel and Tania are next to me trying to fall asleep, but we have only two small beds for three.
Good night, to this world which is continuously surprising me. I am going to think positively for once.

Note: When I was coming to the beach, death visited me again.

  • by Dreams’Espe 15/07/2016

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