The summer is passing and my life doesn’t change at all. Early in the morning I usually go for a short walk with my dog, but as I take three pills before my walk whenever I start stepping I am groggy in the middle of the street, so I seek a shading bench in wich I could be sat awhile, but passed a few minutes I stand up to begin to walk again, and so on, until it’s over 9am that i go to my mother’s house where I study for some hours to end up the morning returning home to have lunch. After this, I have a deep nap and my i spend the evenings at home studying until Tere comes to give me my medication. One day, and the next, and the next…..I am despaired, the only break of this daily monotone is when I go to Granada by bus from time to time.
If I keep in this way I am sure that I will end putting an end to my life.

– by Dreams’Espe 21/07/2016


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