Friday, yesterday was outrageous for me. I don’t have any authority at home. I feel I am less than a crap.
Yesterday I didn’t feel up to go to Angustias’s swimming pool, I suffered another anxiety attack, besides, at the same time I was writing to Tere that we was not going to go, the psychologist and from the bank was calling me, what caused in me such a flutter in my state than I could not recover in the whole day.
If this wasn’t enough, when I got home, there were this annoying noise that my neighbour does because he is renovating his flat, as well as friends of my son were in my living room. And to end a my son’s friend got being ill and threw up in different places at home. So I began to mop the floor but unfortunately I fell down hitting me with a chair, thus today I can walk properly by my left leg injures.
But there it did not end up the day, my daughter started saying me that he hates me, until the point that she can’t bear seeing me, and she reproached me for being faked. Oh my good!, I am neither fake nor liar.
Today I feel less than a crap, I repeat.


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