Today I have felt afresh the necessity to abandon my house for a time. It seems that the world conspires against me. Afterward my fall of yesterday, my calf is damaged, so than I can’t almost walk. Alas! I feel absurd with my overweight adding in my lameness . I have the sensation that nothing in me adds up. After all, what else can happen to me? I know that I must go ahead of my life, allowing for my children, but the behaves in a abusive maner and more than once, i have had to account for their and my lack of company makes sometimes my life unbearable. This night I have had to act out so my friends didn’t worry for me, but my actual thoughts are about death afresh. I can’t put up this any longer and I acclaim that I can’t wait for leaving home, but I go on here, waiting for a miracle to change me into a new person whom taking advantage of I am a real Absent-minded persone I began having a higher relationship with my acquaintances and who knows, some of them can adhere a bit of joy in my bleak days. Meanwhile I keep on waiting this miracle at home, bearing the summer with my air-conditioning as my available companion.


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