I still remember this date with astonishing unfaithfulness.
I was closed to the band’s manager, attentive to what they were talking about, because with the local crowded the sound was barely inaudible. When he look at me I keep on there, without moving, with an asshole face. I was not able to react, even when he approached me, I didn’t move at all. It was after some seconds that it seemed hours, when I was capable to speak.
Hi, you! Repeated him continuously.
At long last I replied: Is me?
Yes, you! said the manager. You looked very interesting in our campaign, didn’t you?
Well, I said, I was just looking at you because your faces seem familiarity.
Damn! He replied, I thought you was fond of our music.
Ah yes, I love your music, but I wasn’t sure if you were really you, I mean, if you were the band or were just my imagination.
We are. So, do you dance?
Well a bit, I answered back.
Then, would you like to come to the cast this evening?

Without thinking too much I went there after I brushed me up a bit. I entered in the room where professional dancer were training and I was there, without any preparation in advance.
They brushed up the floor, the music started listening to and the dancer began to dance. I carried on looking, until the manager told me: ” you, start dancing!” , so I walked fast forward, closed my eyes and the music did the rest. I just listened to it, and my body started dancing.
The rest seemed to pass very fast, in awhile I was committed with them and brushing up on all that had to do with the project that they were building up.
By no means, would I imagine the places that I called on, not even do I believed that I was dancing around Europe.
It was a dream which I could awake until the concert  were called off by the Mike’s illness.
It said that the artist life is so artificial, even so, I felt this like the most heartbreaking dream which finished merely  when the gigs had to be called of.


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