It is such a scorching Saturday in the earlier August, that my town is nearly empty.
Today I am trying not to breakdown, since my friend Tere is going on holidays tomorrow with her boyfriend. I feel kind of like I was the only person who remains at home this year. Actually, it’s almost true, at least comparing with people who are surrounded me. And Where could I go?, if I have in this day and age a weak will. I would travel alone in case I did it, but as iI am broke and I have a leg damaged, I don’t know what to do. Maybe if I wait I could travel when I am better, but it’s likely that if I don’t do right now, I would not do never because my money or my time would not enable me in the forthcoming future.
What have I done wrong to being in this situation?, What must I change in my life?. it’s clear that I am wiling to move to other cosmopolitan city, but I can’t now, and it is likely that this won’t be enough.
What can I do tomorrow?
Maybe I must look for an activity or a course. Something which distracts me a bit and enables me to socialize.
I need magic light up that path.
In this moment I will look for beaches in which dogs are allowed.
I have just checked that in July and August don’t dogs are not accepted in the beaches .
Damn! What bad luck!

Tere is going on holidays to Torrox, so I will go with them a pair of days, I hope.
Without thinking too much, Tere and her boyfriend Gustavo have become my best friends. They are looking after me every day, I must and I do aprecciate their effort. I hace luck to have them as friends.
Summer is passing, I am not idea what the fate has ready for me in autumn, despite I imagine that may be similar to the rest of the years.
I am afraid of being well, because when this happens I will have to look for job, and sincerely I am not ready to do it. I am not ready for real life, I am just surviving half hidden, half shelttered.
Relax music and my dog are my accompanying that enable me to survive.
Now I am listening this sound of nature . Enjoy it.


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