How nice is this word. According to the dictionary reassure means to restore to assurance or confidence; give a feeling of confidence to.
I need something of somebody reassures me. Even I could reassure myself, but I can’t manage it.
I don’t know how to do it. I just get it for a while, but insecurity comes back promptly.
I dream with a quite soiree, a calm day, a mind free of Paradoxical thoughts and a warm heart unbreakable without any sorrow.
A charming music, accompany by a health food, and a leg without sour which is able to walk in track with views at a stunning and magnificent landscape.
The notes of a piano changes into ones of a guitar, and back again.
A home where politeness, affection, respect, help and human heat being the owner of the house.
I have a dream. In my dream don’t exist astray people, waffle, unpleasent noises.
In my dream peace and quite in front of the waves of the sea is as agreeable as the sunset on the top of a mountain.
I wish I were another reassure but strong person, able to calm my family and encourage them to be better.
I wish I was a dream and I got this.
If I just could dream


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