In front of me there is an enormous ledge in form of pyramid made with stairs which are used to people can sit on them to both rest or see performances that happen in the garden located in front of this.
All of this is part of the “Palacio de Congresos ” in Granada. A beautiful place where moder designs and ancient city live together. This is one of the door to the city’s center.
Taxis are waiting for tourists, worker are brushing off the garden, people wandering with its pets, others go shopping.
Sit in this bunch of this garden the sight are full of life, but also of stillness in parallel.
I must take a bus to come back home, but i don’t feel like going home at all. I need to stay away for a time, to walk, see, live new atmospheres.
I am in Granada because I made an appointment with a doctor. she has just tell me off by I have said that a took 20 pills last Saturday night.
It’s true, I don’t have to Deceive and I don’t want it. Death is my destination and everything that approaches to it, is my way.
I don’t have to lie, overall if I want doctors to help me.
Life is a mysterious. Mind is much more, Mines is now puzzling.


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