As every end of summer I enjoyed my evening wandering around the countryside.
The view was so picturesque that I could not resist to contemplate how the peasants harvested. Among them, I stopped to gaze up a thin woman. She caught my attention by her fine manners unlike in farmers.
Suddenly a light dizziness made that I felt staggering.
I, dizzy, sat down on the sidewalk, I took my sandals off and tried breathing deeply. It was that heat unbearable in September.
Suddenly I realized that I had a thorn in my right foot which was barefoot. I tried to remove it but it broke in two parts, remaining one inside my skin. My foot began to bleed so I pull out a handkerchief from my backpack and I put it around my foot, but it was too small to tie it. The beautiful woman approached me, she took the blue ribbon that held one of her braids and put it on the scarf with a bow in it part upper. “This it will hold until you arrive home”, and although I walk clumsy and unsteadily , I start the way back home.


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