Alone, I am physically really alone in this moment, except from the company of my dog.

I am sitting in a big stone close to the railway, where nobody can see me, but I do. I can see from time to time people who are crossing the bridge which pass across the railway.

At my right, there are stones which form the rail, at my back and left, green plants which shelter me. In front of me, posters, the iron bridge, far mountains, blue sky and freedom.

Here I feel safe, the safety that can feel an animal, for a while, which is about to be hunted and finds a small shelter. A stillness that may be broken by the discovering of the hunter.

I feel like this, but nobody is pursuing me, nothing else than my fears. They are continuously following my steps. They live in my shadow and as much as I run away, they are always beside me.

Even though I feel fear, i look for appalling places where the fear could be realshelter2


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