What today has happened is outrageous for me, far cry what seemed to be an uneventful journey.
I had an appointment with the psychologist of the insurance for this morning. She has told me that she leaves me, because I’ve done a grave thing and I need an specialists, thus she is used to working with less important diseases. But the true is that she does not want to have any responsibility if I get worse, namely if I try to commit suicide, and yet she doesn’t give the help that I need.
I felt as if I don’t deserve that someone aid me by I did last week. It’s more, when I went out of the clinic I thought that the problem isn’t already that I sometimes don’t want to live, but I do not deserve to live.
I am glad that this morning an afterthought before I took the bus made me call to my former psychologist and he this had reserved this afternoon for me. I have been talking deeply about how I feel and he has really helped me understand everything and has calmed me down.
I am ill, but I am not idiot to believe what the insurance wants me to do.


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