Donal Trump is the new president of the Unated States, it is that I am listening from the television in the bar, whilst I am having breakfast. I don’t usually, or rather, never watch TV at home, but now I am in Granada waiting for the hour of my appointment with my psychiatrist.
While I was walking from the bus stop to here, I have remembered the last time I was here with him. As much as I tried to forget him, I can’t pull out of my mind.
For a while, when I was passing beside the Cathedral, I thought that I have done lived, just for moments, but I have lived. But now I feel that I am dead, I was always dead, and I will be dead the rest of my live on earth.

Todavía, however, I seems to me strange the image of my attempt to kill myself.
But it happened, to week ago, exactly, it happened.
Oh no, just now, the waiter has switch on the music, I am not able to listen the music yet without getting nervous, unless the music is classic or relaxing.

There are shedloads of changes in me since I was wandering around with him in here.
I have been without making me up almost a year.
Now I weight about 90 kg, when before I weighted 62kg. Anyone who looks at me can see a sloopy woman in his mid ages, scared, without strong, mindless, without nothing special that appears people. This is me now, or not, because I feel that I passed away on years ago.
It’s time I go from the bar because there is a marvellous song from Shakira and Mana that makes me cry.


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