In my narrow seat, which now it seems to me that it has shrunk  since the last time a flew, I think about life, about death. For one moment when the plain was about to take off, I realised that I didn’t want to die here. Not now, my son who is making a great effort to study and behave better to avoid going to the home school and my daughter who cried last night because she doesn’t manage to get the marks that she want to be able to choose the degree I will choose next years.
Now not, I thought as the plain was increasing the noise of the engage, what meant that it was starting to fly. At this moment I felt a glimmer of hope about my future . I still could have a life and enjoy it.
But now, that the plain is flying, with  the clouds behind us, I have felt a cold sensation crossing my body, hurt me, making me to feel despair  again.

This morning while I was walking way to the bus stop to take bus to the airport, out of the blue my left foot stated to hurt, I kept walking, regardless this, but the damage was getting bigger. In spite of go back at home, knowingly that this could affect my trip and besides, I haven’t got the documentation that will allow me to go to a hospital hin London, I made up my mind to keep on, walking and travelling. So, I decided to struggle for living.
But now, I not sure of I want that. I change mind continuously, but at least, now I am in a plain, way to London with my foot hurting, a suitcase nearly empty because the lack of clothe  I have since I got a lot of weight, without carrying make up or another stuff to be smart, but here I am, and still alive


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