Difficult days are these last, too much anxiety when I have to speak with somebody or wait in a queue.

In the last week I have suffered many panic attacks. Nowadays whenthis happens, my hands begin to shake, my tongue is not able to emit the properly sound, stuttering is becoming to be my way to speak. Sweat runs though my body, and fear, much fear. Fear of people, fear of facing problems, fear even of going for shopping, fear of my reactions. But, though it, I am doing it.

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Días difíciles son estos últimos, demasiada ansiedad cuando tengo que hablar con alguien o esperar en una cola.

En la última semana he sufrido muchos ataques de pánico. Hoy en día, cuando esto ocurre, mis manos comienzan a temblar, mi lengua no es capaz de emitir el sonido adecuado, la tartamudez se está convirtiendo en mi manera de hablar. El sudor recorre por mi cuerpo, y el miedo, mucho miedo. Miedo a la gente, miedo a enfrentarme a los problemas cotidianos, miedo de hasta de salir a comprar comida, miedo de mis reacciones.

Pero,  a pesar de todo esto lo estoy haciendo.




14 thoughts on “Despite fear, I am doing my best.

    1. Wow! That image inspired my whole collection of short stories, not just the one I told you about. When I get an idea for a story, I always create a Pinterest mood board for characters, places, objects, etc. I would like to send you the story you inspired, if you’d be interested in reading it.


  1. Yes, the thing is to keep going as best as you can. Over the weekend, I started to have a panic attack at the beginning of a long drive. Very unexpected, as it had been months since the last one. But I had to get home, so I kept going. After a few minutes, the panic subsided, and I made it back without any further problems.

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