That you sit on a terrace with your mother because it has given you a crisis and look for a corner so that the bitch annoys as little as possible. Let the bitch not bark any time and say a single one! To give you something from the lid and with all that I say shut up!

And that an idiot who is on the other end gets up to tell you ‘please do not bother the noise of the dog if possible’, when she has not barked.
A borderline like me gets up, talks to the waitress to to tell him that I’m leaving because I no longer find myself aggrieved since some people have told me that my dog ​​is annoying when it is an open terrace dog and my dog isn’t annoying. The waiter tells me to stay and if simekne dont want an open terrace it musy go away without annoying others people.
But I go to them and tell them that I’m going because I do not find myself comfortable with them there although I think they should leave the place because there are people who do a lot more noise that my dog. And I just wish that when they finish their studies, do their masters and go abroad, I hope they do not being diagnose from a mental illness in which you can not control and a dog help them to go out, and them an idiot people get that they lost their nervous because someone is joking about them.

That is a borderline, someone who is not able to keep the control contro And that’s me now. And many things more, this is just something super light.
Before this you need to take a lot of pills for kicking you out this memory, because you feel in yor life doesn’t exist calm doesn’t exist anymore and anythink carries you  to death


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