Yesterday it was a complicated day, as of lately. My depression and anxiety that are not cured, has joined a diagnosis that has sunk me more. Borderline personality disorder.

I have had two or three suicide attempts in two weeks. Yesterday I went to a square and I sat down, with alcohol and pills,  Itake them as if they were candies, I  was swallowing beer and taking  pills, until I reached a limit where I said to me ‘no more, please’ For my family, not for me that I would have followed until I finished them. I put the backpack on my head and slept for a while, giving me the fresh air, with the peace of silence, with the freedom of being able to do what I want. But I knew that my family was worried, so I upon awakening against my inner desires, I would have stayed and taken all the pills. I walked down staggering because of the anxiolytics and I went home where everyone was desperate on the street.
This is a day so many more.


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