Si podéis verlo para o dar vuestra opinión os lo agradecería. 

¿Creéis que tratan el tema con sensibilidad?, ¿Creéis que para una persona con TLP( Trastorno Límite de la Personalidad) que te digan que te abandonen es ayuda?

Este vídeo tiene miles de comentarios en contra de gente que está sufriendo esta enfermedad.

Para mí se centra mucho más en lo negativo que en cómo ayudar tanto al paciente como a los que están alrededor coma y repiten continuamente, “te van a decir te odio en un momento y al rato te quiero”  cuando es todo es mucho más complejo y nos demonizan y nos aislan más de lo que nosotros ya estamos.

Pensar por un momento que soys vosotros los que estáis sufriendo esto y ponen en este programa en la 2 y luego en Youtube. ¿Como os sentiriais?

Para mí el tema se puede tratar con mucha más sensibilidad y dando consejos para ayudar, no para aislar. Después pondré el vídeo de mi doctora que ya lo puse una vez a ver si notáis la diferencia, aunque no lo explica con todo detalle ya que es muy complejo la forma de abordarlo y de dar ánimos es muy diferente 

Si podéis verlo para o dar vuestra opinión os lo agradecería. 


Esto tengo yo. Vedlo

Esto para el resto de la vida. Comparto casi todo menos el final, ella se hace cortes, yo trato de suiciame. Ella tiene marido, yo estoy mas sola en muchos sentidos y sin un duro, 

Os pregunto

Cuando no le encuentras sentido a la vida y te dicen que te espera esto de por vida pero mas duro, y vas al grupo de terapia y ves mujeres preparadas, guapa, totalmente solas, llorando, sin vida y supermedicadas. Te preguntas. ¿Vivir?. Para esto. Pensad. Para nunca volver a sonreir y difrutr y destruir lo que tengo alrededor


Thanx 4 nothing

I saw it in a exposition in London. This send me shivers down my spine.

I want to share with you

Listen to the poet

on my 70th Birthday in 2006

I want to give my thanks to everyone for everything,

and as a token of my appreciation,
I want to offer back to you all my good and bad habits
as magnificent priceless jewels,
wish-fulfilling gems satisfying everything you need and want,
thank you, thank you, thank you,

May every drug I ever took
come back and get you high,
may every glass of vodka and wine I’ve drunk
come back and make you feel really good,
numbing your nerve ends
allowing the natural clarity of your mind to flow free,
may all the suicides be songs of aspiration,
thanks that bad news is always true,
may all the chocolate I ever eaten
come back rushing through your bloodstream
and make you feel happy,
thanks for allowing me to be a poet
a noble effort, doomed, but the only choice.

I want to thank you for your kindness and praise,
thanks for celebrating me,
thanks for the resounding applause,
I want to thank you for taking everything for yourself
and giving nothing back,
you were always only self-serving,
thanks for exploiting my big ego
and making me a star for your own benefit,
thanks that you never paid me,
thanks for all the sleaze,
thanks for being  mean and rude
and smiling at my face,
I am happy that you robbed me,
I am happy that you lied
I am happy that you helped me,
thanks, grazie, merci beaucoup.

May you smoke a joint with William,
and spend intimate time with his mind,
more profound than any book he wrote,
I give enormous thanks to all my lovers,
beautiful men with brilliant minds,
great artists,
Bob, Jasper, Ugo,
may they come here now
and make love to you,
and may my many other lovers
of totally great sex,
countless lovers
of boundless fabulous sex
countless lovers of boundless fabulous sex
countless lovers of boundless
fabulous sex
in the golden age
of promiscuity
may they all come here now,
and make love to you,
if you want,
may each of them
hold each of you in their arms
to your hearts
balling to your hearts
balling to
your hearts delight
balling to your hearts delight.

May all the people who are dead
Allen, Brion, Lita, Jack,
and I do not miss any of you
I don’t miss any of them,
no nostalgia,
it was wonderful we loved each other
but I don’t want any of them back,
now, if any of you
are attracted to any of them,
may they come back from the dead,
and do whatever is your pleasure,
may they multiply,
and be the slaves
of whomever wants them,
fulfilling your every wish and desire,
(but you won’t want them as masters,
as they’re demons),
may Andy come here
fall in love with you
and make each of you a superstar,
everyone can have
everyone can
have Andy.
everyone can have Andy,
everyone can have an Andy.

Huge hugs to the friends who betrayed me,
every friend became an enemy,
sooner or later,
I am delighted you are vacuum cleaners
sucking everything into your dirt bags,
you are none other than a reflection of my mind.

Thanks for the depression problem
and feeling like suicide
everyday of my life,
and now that I’m seventy,
I am happily almost there.

Twenty billion years ago,
in the primordial wisdom soup
beyond comprehension and indescribable,
something without substance moved slightly,
and became something imperceptible,
moved again and became something invisible,
moved again and produced a particle and particles,
moved again and became a quark,
again and became quarks,
moved again and again and became protons and neutrons,
and the twelve dimensions of space,
tiny fire balls of primordial energy
bits tossed back and forth
in a game of catch between particles,
transmitting electromagnetic light
and going fast, 40 million times a second,
where the pebble hits the water,
that is where the trouble began,
something without substance became something with substance,
why did it happen?
because something substance less
had a feeling of missing out on something,
getting it
was not getting  it
not getting it,
not getting it,
imperceptibly not having something
when there was nothing to have,
clinging to a notion of reality;
from the primordially endless potential,
to modern day reality,
twenty billion years later,
has produced me,
gave birth to me and my stupid grasping mind,
made me and you and my grasping mind.

May Rinpoche and all the great Tibetan teachers who loved me,
come back and love you more,
hold you in their wisdom hearts,
bathe you in all-pervasive compassion,
give you pith instructions,
and may you with the diligence of Olympic athletes
do meditation practice,
and may you with direct confidence
realize the true nature of mind.

America, thanks for the neglect,
I did it without you,
let us celebrate poetic justice,
you and I never were,
never tried to do anything,
and never succeeded,
I want to thank you for introducing me to
the face of the naked mind,
thanx 4 nothing.

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Assuming that life has meaning, I after months of medical, drug and mental treatment. I still don’t find it in my life.
When someone recently told me that I was completely shattered, and without any force and completely in background, I thought I was not so weak.
Now, I understand it. I have no strength to do, undo or change anything. I do not have forces or even to think.

“Black tears run through my inside”

Song Darknow tears by Javier García 



Se supone que la vida tiene un sentido, pero yo después de meses de tratamiento médico, farmacológico y mental sigo sin encontrarlo.
Hace poco alguien me dijo que me veía totalmente destrozada, hecha añicos y en el fondo más profundo que existe. En ese momento pensé, estoy mal pero no tan débil.
Ahora lo entiendo, no tengo fuerzas para hacer, deshacer o cambiar nada.

“Lágrimas negras recorren mi interior”

Canción Lágrimas negras por Javier García