It all began on dark night of immense pain, which even went so far as to tear up the soul and ask for it. I felt so desperate and deep inside that I needed to shout it out at the world.


I had two options, the first to let me consume and the second, to release a little that torrent of pain that was going through me and that was how my Blog was born, that little by little was taking shape and in which I still continue to express myself. “Living with depression”, a place to release emotions, thoughts and much pain.

This book is a compilation of the ideas and poems that best define me and more answers I got from the readers, communicating that they felt identified with my words and a little less alone in this other parallel world called depression.

Thank you all. I hope you like it, it’s made from the heart

It can be purchased soon from ama zon or in ebook.
I really believe that it is a book that has possibilities, since it is written from the depths of my heart in moments of despair, and the images that accompany it help to understand it. According to my doctors depression at this time is the second most common illness in the modern world and within a 10 or 10 years it is estimated to be the first.

A person with depression needs to read something that makes them feel normal, that what happens to them is not strange, that they feel identified and not alone. He is also unable to read something complex, long. In addition, I would like to break with the stigma that still exists in depression where it seems that it is necessary to hide it, and more its symptoms, and among them the desire for death and suicide that occurs in 50% of cases. People hide it, I explain it, it’s a symptom of an illness and I do not have to hide it

I know my book maybe needs corrections, but I think it actually fulfills all those functions


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