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Let live for your dreams

Live for your dreams

And never by those of others,

You are told by someone who made the mistake,

Of not living for sacrificing.
And in the end, the others notice,

Your little desire to fight

In a world that does you dont fit

Nor  you will ever do it.
And that makes them unhappy,

Because you do not really give yourself away

Your life is consumed

Until the life of you is gone,

For we were not born to live for others,

But for us to the extremity,

And that way we can

Deliver the best to others.

                                     Vivid por vuestros sueños 

y nunca por los de los demás,

os lo dice alguien que cometió el error,

de no vivir por sacrificar.

Y al final los demás lo notan,

tus pocas ganas de luchar

en un mundo que no encajas

ni jamás lo harás.

Y eso a ellos les hace infelices,

porque no te entregas de verdad

tu vida se consume

hasta que la vida de tí se va,

pues no hemos nacidos para vivir por otros,

sino por nosotros hasta la extremidad,

y de esa forma podemos

entregar lo mejor a los demás.

Another more day

It said that distance is , and that time heals everything.
And who said that? Who only had one strong disappointment in his life?
That is not to take away importance, but the accumulated pain that overflows through all the pores of my skin, that is not the same or similar when life has filled you with disappointments and you’ve only had a moment or two in which like that Happiness wanted to come to see you, but only to laugh at you, poor naive, in my heart began to show a ray of hope, not knowing that my true lightning is the lash that falls in a hurricane storm, with torrential waters that They take everything there is in their path. Poor me. Time does nothing more than heal badly healed wounds, preventing new skin from growing there and leaving visible to yourself and strangers the damage I once suffered.

I write this having a tea when I leave the psychiatrist, as always, alone, I always go alone to the doctors, even to the emergency room, the ambulance would take me to the hospital. And always the odious question, do not you have someone to take you? No, and who cares? My 85 year old mother, and good friends who care about you. No, pussy, no. I am alone, I come alone and I will go alone. That is one of the reasons for how I am.

12/19/2016 Dreams’Espe

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